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RMI Railworks Estate Scale Railroad Equipment

E-Scale 3.75" Scale Railroad Locomotives and Cars for your estate, shopping mall, zoo, park or live steam club. Available in 7.25", 7.5", 10.25" & 12" Gauge

E-Scale Live Steam Locomotive

As a builder of miniature railroads, the majority of our efforts at RMI have been focused on recreating the fascinating world of narrow gauge railroading. Along the way, we have grown to recognize the need for miniature railroads that are optimized for comfortable, efficient, heavy-duty operation. Full scale human beings do not fall into neatly defined scale categories.

Satisfying the often conflicting goals of prototypical appearance, room, comfort for the passenger, great stability and robust construction is a unique challenge. In answering that challenge, RMI now produces a line of special equipment designed to fulfill all these requirements. You may call it Estate, Exceptional, or even Extreme Scale -- we simply call it E-Scale. E-Scale locomotives and cars are large 3 3/4" scale. (24" seating width - 8-12' long), massively built and ultra stable. They are specifically designed for maximum comfort and day-in, day-out commercial operation. They are offered in 7 1/4" / 7 1/2", 10 1/4" and, for ultimate stability, 12" gauge.

E-Scale Locomotives

JC-1000 Box Cab

S.P. Narrow Gauge X1

G.E 70 Ton Switcher

Live Steam & Steam Outline

JC-1000 Box Cab
SP X-1 Locomotive
GE 70 Ton Switching Locomotive
Forney Locomotive
The Columbia, Mogul, and Prairie locomotives are available in either live steam or steam outline gas/propane-hydraulic, or electric versions (please see our steam locomotive section). A larger version of our SP Narrow Gauge X-1, 70 ton GE switcher is offered in either a gas-hydraulic, diesel, propane and electric version. These 1/2 - 3/4 ton powerhouses are built from state of the art materials and components and are designed for long, trouble-free operation. They have carefully thought-out, easy to reach controls allowing the operator to concentrate on the rail ahead and the safety and comfort of passengers.

E-Scale Gondola

E-Scale Stock Car

E-Scale Crane Caboose

E-Scale Gramps Tank Car

E Scale Gondola E-Scale Stock Car E-Scale Crane Caboose E-Scale Gramps Tank Car
Above are just a few of our E-Scale cars. Most of our 2 1/2" scale rolling stock is also available in 3.75" E-Scale. Email or give us a call if you have special requirements or need non-standard track gauge. RMI Railworks can build what you need!
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